Career Summary

Extensive experience in developing, applying and managing statistical, decision analysis and operations management models. Innovations have had a documented impact of billions of dollars.

Work Experience
Technical Fellow, Corporate Planning & Alliances, General Motors
Patent Application Award, Algorithmic Creation of Visual Images
Improving Pricing and Production Model, studying powertrain complexity
Operations Research Group, GM Research and Strategic Planning
  • Elected to Omega Rho: Informs Honor Society
  • Technical Lead in creating advertising effectiveness tool
  • Co-editor, Special Issue of Decision Analysis on Auctions in honor of Mike Rothkopf
  • Patent Application Award: Algorithmic Creation of Personalized Advertising
  • 2008 named Fellow of INFORMS (Inst. for Operations Research  and Mgt Science)
  • Testified before Subcommittee on Research and Science Education of the Congressional Committee on Science and Technology on behalf of funding the social and decision sciences, September, 2007
  • Led team which developed influence diagram of aggregate contribution margin drivers
  • GM-representative on MIT project on morphing GM advertising to fit cognitive styles    
GM Vehicle Development Research Laboratory
Received Award for Best Decision Analysis Publication      
  • Determined how GM’s supply chain should react if GM had a sudden need to add production of a foreign vehicle at an existing plant (Part of  Global Flex initiative).
  • Completed follow-up work on reducing drug costs by making better use of public drug efficacy data
  • Quantified Impacts of late engine changes using design structure matrix and workload model
  • Reanalyzed models relating vehicle attributes and customer attributes
  • Developed an alternative approach to robust design optimization based on decision analysis        
GM Technical Fellow
GM NA Product Development Center, Warren, MI

Worked with corporate strategy to model the drivers of GM’s health care costs. Results led to reductions in brand drug coverage, initiatives on coordination of benefits and other efforts. Modeled GM’s new product development process to identify sources of cost and waste. Particularly targeted opportunities for reducing rework. Led to initiatives focused on reducing product content change.

GM Proving Grounds,  Milford, MI
GMNA Award for Creative & Incredible Performance in Engineering Design
Updating GM problem remediation tools (e.g., control charts) and testing by applying to root causes various product problems(fuel caps, fuel pumps, rattling, ignition switches, blower motors, motors). Using Statistical Analysis to Properly Target Welcome Call Initiative
Recognized as part of team receiving 2004 Chairman's Honors Award (savings>$360M/yr)

GM Engineering Center,  Pontiac, MI
Used influence diagrams to identify the key drivers of GM warranty costs.

  • Modeled the drivers of GM's JD Power Score. Results led to more headcount focused on root cause analysis.
  • Developed overall warranty cost driver model. Team received 2002 GM's People Make Quality Happen Award. (Realized savings exceeding $250M/yr )
  • Developed battery warranty cost driver model. Potential Cost savings of $30M/yr identified.
  • Developed models for ground warranty, brake warranty, powertrain control modules

Enterprise Customer Network,  Detroit,MI

  • Developed model of drivers of customer loyalty to assist in formation of GM's CRM strategy
1998 -
Technical Director
GM Corporate Strategy & Knowledge Development,  Detroit, MI

Provide technical support in decision analysis and marketing to strategy formulation and operations improvement projects.
  • Validated and implemented algorithm creating current product segmentation.
  • Used statistical analysis to identify key drivers of dealer dissatisfaction, leading to development of best practices for improving VSSM dealer relations. Subsequent corporate focus on these drivers improved GM's dealer satisfaction from worst in the industry to average.
  • Developed marketing modules of enterprise model commissioned by Strategy Board, including modules to value the impact of changing the number of GM product entries and to project GM's long-run share given current policies.
  • Conducted statistical analyses supporting the design of GM web tool, AUTOCHOICE.
  • As part of a 3-person team, guided the use of CART software for revising GM's needs segmentation.
  • Developed a panel on social cycles as part of creation of New Product Concepts war room. Team received 1998 President's Council Award.
  • Led successful Dialogue Decision Process projects in technology partnering, information technology and procurement.
  • Used Enterprise Miner to prove that the current needs segmentation is more accurate than Claritas or demographic segmentations.
  • Developed a 120-page overview of the approaches used by 60 major corporate strategists.
1993 -
GM Vehicle Development & Technical Operations Warren, MI
Manager, Portfolio Planning Department

Coordinated the review & documentation of GM's R&D projects.

  • Led decision analysis on more than 50 R&D projects. Work stimulated dramatic changes in some projects. Team received GM Award of Excellence in 1994.
  • Managed creation of a database to enable customers to access GM R&D projects more easily.
  • Managed the implementation of new project budgeting system.
1991 -
GM Research & Development,  Warren, MI
Manager, Management & Marketing Sciences

Managed a team of 12 R&D professionals.
  • Managed development of a model prioritizing product problems based on their impact on product repurchases.
  • Developed the mathematical model that was the basis of Pricewar, a widely used GM product pricing software package.
1990 -
National Science Foundation Washington, D.C.
Director, Decision, Risk & Management Science Program

Administered review and recommended awards of grants from a $3 million budget.
  • With other grant officers, successfully lobbied for creation of a social sciences directorate at NSF.
  • Awarded first grants to industry as part of NSF's private sector initiative.
  • Successfully championed the funding of educational grants to teach students decision-making.
  • Successfully lobbied for doubling the research budget on biotechnology social impact research.
1987 -
Operating Sciences Department, GM Research Laboratories,  Warren, MI
Manager, Decision Support Systems

Managed a diverse team of 9 professionals in marketing, intelligence vehicles and risk analysis.
  • Managed development of first needs-based segmentation.
  • Managed development of in-vehicle navigation system.
1985 -
GM Trilby Vehicle Design Project,   Troy, MI
Supervisor, Mission Analysis Group

Managed a four-person team developing a mission statement for the Trilby prototype vehicle.
  • Led business case analysis for proposed new vehicle.
  • Developed a template specifying how the "voice of the customer" could feed into vehicle engineering.
1982 -
Societal Analysis Department, GM Research Laboratories,  Warren, MI
Staff Research Engineer
1978 -
Associate Senior Research Engineer
Conducted research & consulting work in economics, finance and environment.
  • Discovered the importance of second choice data in potentially segmenting products. This idea was central to the development of GM's initial product segmentation.
  • Developed a model of air pollution for Environmental Activities Staff.
Teaching Experience
2002 -
University of Michigan,  Ann Arbor, MI
Adjunct Professor, Industrial & Operations Engineering Department

Taught Course in Decision Analysis
2000 -
University of Michigan Dearborn, MI
Adjunct, Lecturer, School of Management
Taught Courses in Operations Management
1995 -
Oakland University Rochester, MI
1995- 2000 Adjunct Full Professor, Systems Engineering Department

Taught courses in engineering risk analysis at Oakland University campus
Taught courses at Vienna on behalf of Oakland University and Vienna Technical University
1996 -     1998 Wharton Philadelphia, PA
Guest Lecturer, Marketing
University of California Berkeley, CA
PhD Industrial Engineering & Operations Research. Thesis: “Studies in Mathematical Group Decision Theory’’ (Dr. T. Marschak). Awarded 3-Year National Science Foundation Fellowship.
MBA Finance.
MS Industrial Engineering & Operations Research.
Michigan State University Lansing, MI

MS Systems Science with specialty in Economic Systems.
BA in Public Policy. Graduated Magna cum Laude.
BS Physics. Awarded 4-Year Full Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship.